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Advanced Technology


DEXIS CariVu™ — Caries (Cavity) Detection Device

Dexis CariVuA brilliant new approach to cavity (caries) detection. By surrounding the tooth and illuminating it in safe, near-infrared light, CariVu's transillumination technology makes the enamel appear transparent while porous lesions or cracks trap and absorb the light. This process allows Dr. Tatum to see through the tooth, exposing its structure and the actual structure of any carious lesions with very high accuracy. The CariVu technology allows us to get another perspective on suspicious areas that may show up on x-rays, which means we can do a better job than ever at detecting decay in its early stages.

As a patient, you’ll benefit from knowing Dr. Tatum use the latest technology in order to help identify potential dental problems early, thus minimizing time and costs in regards to future treatments.

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AcceleDent - Accelerated Orthodontics

How does AcceleDent work?
AcceleDent is a light, comfortable, and hands-free appliance that is used 20 minutes per day as a complement to Invisalign to accelerate tooth movement. The patented technology gently vibrates the teeth and surrounding bone, allowing teeth to move more freely. The best part of the AcceleDent System is that it's completely safe! You may experience a slight tingling sensation, much like that of the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but it should diminish after you become accustomed to using the appliance.

The benefits of AcceleDent will make you smile!

  • You'll accelerate your orthodontic experience without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • AcceleDent can be used for adolescents, teens, and adults, and it is completely safe for patients of all ages.
  • The AcceleDent appliance is lightweight and comfortable. You may even forget you're using it!
  • The hands-free design allows you to achieve a beautiful, straight smile faster than you ever thought possible – even while reading, watching television, listening to music, or doing school work.

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Crowns-In-An-Hour – Single Visit, Same-Day Dentistry with CEREC™
Dr. Victoria Tatum utilizes the CEREC Crowns-In-An –Hour technology in her Charleston, SC dental practice.

We believe our patients deserve modern dentistry that fits your busy lifestyle.

Introducing the CEREC™ Digital Impression Solution for Same-Day Dentistry - Modern Dentistry that Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

If you've ever needed a permanent crown put on one of your teeth, you know it usually takes more than one appointment, more than one shot of anesthetic, and more than a little bit of patience while you wear a temporary crown for 2+weeks. At Tatum Dentistry we believe our patients deserve modern dentistry that fits their busy lifestyles. We can now provide Same Day crowns through Patient-Focused Technology!

Let’s look at the facts – very few people have that perfect smile, without any decay or fillings – and you may even see a filling or two in your own mouth. Fillings are just that … they “fill” a void left from the removal of the decay in the tooth. Previously, most fillings were made from metal material (usually amalgam), which over time can weaken the tooth structure, allow additional decay to form around/under it, or even fail all together. Most patients find their metal fillings need to be replaced after a period of 10 years or so.

Using the CEREC technology to offer our patients Crowns-In-An-Hour, Dr. Tatum and her team are able to restore any tooth that is decayed, weakened, broken, etc. to its natural strength and beauty – using all-ceramic materials which are tooth-colored and milled right in our office. The other benefit to our patients at Tatum Dentistry – this process is accomplished without temporaries or additional visits and their treatment is completed in a single visit, in about an hour!

The CEREC process utilizes a digital optical impression to provide same day dental restorations without temporary crowns.


Health Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Dentistry Offers Our Patients:
Uses long-lasting, natural looking porcelain/ceramic material
Metal-free restorations free of potentially harmful mercury
Perfect for situations like chipped, worn or cracked teeth
CEREC technology is ideal for teeth that are discolored or have gaps and spaces between them
Teeth can also be repaired that have decay and/or old, worn fillings.

You don't have to go to a specialist or travel for this type of dental care. At Tatum Dentistry, we've invested in this patient-focused technology for you. Crowns-In-An-Hour offer you quality care in less time for the dentistry you need, and the comfort and convenience you deserve.

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Soft Tissue Laser

For patients who find the vibration and high-pitched whine of traditional drills uncomfortable, there is another solution: laser dentistry. With this device there is no cause for heat or vibration in the mouth, and improves our patients’ comfort levels drastically, and is technologically advanced in that it can be used for treatments such as periodontal therapy (treatment for gum disease), or for cosmetic treatments like gum recontouring.

This innovative treatment uses laser-energized, cool water spray to cut soft tissue without generating any heat. And unlike some traditional dentistry procedures, the soft tissue laser will not irreversibly damage the soft tissue or pulp underneath your teeth. Cutting-edge, effective, and reliable, the soft tissue dental laser is the solution many patients have been waiting for.

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Cadent iTero Digital Impression System

Dr. Victoria Tatum of Tataum Dentistry uses the latest innovations inItero technology to give you the best possible restorations while ensuring maximum convenience, comfort, and speed for you. As part of our commitment, we are happy to utilize the Cadent iTero Digital Impression System to replace traditional impressions in creating your crowns, bridges, veneers or implants. Our office is one of only a few in the area that offer this technology to its patients.

The Cadent iTero Digital Impression System has many benefits for you, including:

  • Increased comfort - If you have ever had a conventional impression taken, you know just how uncomfortable the process is. The putty is messy, tastes extremely unpleasant, and in many patients can cause gagging. With iTero, the only thing that touches your teeth is the tip of a hand-held wand.
  • Faster impression - Greater Speed: The digital impression is complete in approximately two to three minutes.
  • Reduced anxiety - The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. Once Dr. Tatum begins the scanning process, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary. You'll never be stuck with a mouth full of goop.
  • Accuracy (better fit) - The iTero digital impression system creates an exact replica of what is in your mouth. This results in a more accurate-fitting crown, bridge, or Invisalign Clear Braces.

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Sedation Dentistry - Dental Care in a Relaxing Environment

Even though we take great pride in being able to deliver painless injections, some people are naturally anxious at even the thought of a needle. If you or a loved one breaks into a cold sweat at the mention of the word "dentist", we have a simple solution. One hour before your visit, you take a pill that we dispense to you. You will reach a level of sedation that allows you to respond to questions but mostly sleep through your entire visit. This is ideal for fearful people or those who have a busy schedule and want to get all their treatment done in one visit. With some cases, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas).


We look forward to working with you to provide you with quality dental care in a comfortable, relaxed manner.

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Oral Cancer - Are You at Risk?

VelscopeDid you know that one American dies every hour from oral cancer? And the mortality rate has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years? The good news is that there's a 90% cure rate if it's detected early. Dr. Tatum and her team are very pleased to provide one of the most effective oral cancer screenings available today. VELscope™ is an FDA-approved oral cancer screening system. We perform the exam using the specially designed light. Any suspicious tissue is immediately and easily visible. This screening could literally save your life!

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Providing the absolute best service to our patients is one of our goals. We have a high-tech tool that allows us to find cavities on the chewing surfaces Diognodentof back teeth, even when they are just beginning, and would have been missed by previous detection methods. The DIAGNOdent is a small, portable laser unit that can detect these cavities and alert us with an audible signal and a numerical readout, so we have an idea of its size. The value of this tool is that we can stop cavities in their infancy, whereas in the past they would have to be significantly bigger before we could find and treat them. Just like other areas of medicine and dentistry, early detection and treatment is of immeasurable value in preserving your health.

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Intra-Oral CameraIntra Oral Camera

With the use of a high-tech tool called the Intra-Oral Camera, you can see what we see. This miniature video camera displays a close-up view of the inside of your mouth, making you part of your dental exam, understanding more clearly what work needs to be done. Being a participant, you then become more aware of and understand each dental decision that needs to be made. You’ll love how this works!

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Digital X-Rays & Panoramic Digital Images

Digital x-ray RadiographsIntroducing digital imaging, available in our practice. This technology offers unparalleled benefits over traditional radiographs. An image is taken of your mouth with a digital sensor and downloaded into our computer, where it is immediately available. With results of 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays, they're convenient, safe for the environment, and best of all, Digital X-Rays are safer for our patients.




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Instrument Sterilization

Most people take cleanliness for granted... we don’t!

We maintain all our treatment rooms, supply storage, laboratory and even our lobby at the highest cleanliness levels possible.

The sterilization area is the heart of the office’s overall cleanliness.  We store all of our instruments in sterilized wrapped cassettes and bags, which undergo a thorough sterilization process. Our procedural cassettes are first placed in our disinfecting instrument washer. When this part of the process is completed the cassettes and instruments within them are 99% disinfected. The cassettes are then wrapped and placed into one of our hospital grade autoclaves and fully sterilized.

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