The Advantages of Getting Botox in Charleston From a Dentist

Botox in Charleston

November was Botox month, but if you missed it, the good news is that Botox is great any time of the year! As we all say goodbye to 2021, we vow that next year we will be better versions of ourselves. What better way to improve your appearance than to have Botox injections? Botox helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. There are many professionals who offer Botox in Charleston, but no one is better qualified than your dentist. These are the advantages of scheduling a Botox appointment with Dr. Tatum’s office today!

It Saves You Time

As we return to a pre-pandemic lifestyle, some of us are remembering how difficult a hectic schedule can be. Instead of making an appointment to have a regular cleaning and a separate one for your Botox injections, why not combine the two and save time? It isn’t just about the appointment itself; it takes time to drive there, wait in the waiting room, and miss time from work or your responsibilities as a parent. Kill two birds with one stone and walk out with a brighter smile and fewer wrinkles!

The Best Professional

When you want to have a cosmetic procedure done, it is a good idea to go to the most highly-trained professional. Botox comes with very few side effects, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is equally qualified to perform the injections. Your dentist has spent their entire training and career learning, examining, and pinpointing facial muscles, bones, and how they work together. No one knows the face’s structure better than your dentist, so why take a chance going to someone else?

Regularity is the Key

Botox only lasts for about twelve weeks and is more effective if you have injections regularly. It works by paralyzing the muscles in the face that lead to fine lines and wrinkles. By stopping the facial muscles from contracting, it minimizes the appearance of lines in the face. But once the Botox wears off, your facial muscles return to normal and contract just as frequently as they did before.

Regularity is the key to the best results from Botox, but life can get in the way. If you schedule your Botox injection at the same time as your regular exam, then you won’t have to worry about missing the date and letting your Botox wear off. That can work against your efforts to maintain a youthful appearance.

Don’t Miss TIme Away From Work!

At Tatum Dentistry, we are open from Monday through Saturday. That means you don’t have to take any time away from work! Get a beautiful smile without smile lines all in one!

Botox is an excellent tool for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But your results depend upon who you have perform it. There are specific muscles that need to be targeted, and only a professional like your dentist in Charleston knows best how bones and muscles work together to create expressions. Save time, stay on a regular schedule, and hire the best professional to get the most from your Botox injections in Charleston today. Call our office to make your appointment.