Digital Scanning and How it is Changing Dentistry

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Dentistry has come a long way over the past decade, especially with the introduction of new technology giving dental professionals a better understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. Digital scanning is just one innovation that is overhauling the way dental issues are evaluated, diagnosed, and treated. That’s why it is so critical to look for a dentist in Charleston, SC, who invests in the proper tools and latest technology to enhance your overall oral health.

What is Digital Scanning?

Digital scanning or digital impressions are completely revolutionizing the process of dental restoration. A digital impression virtually scans your teeth to create a map by using optical and laser scanning devices. They allow dental professionals to create a model of both the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. And they are eliminating the need for dentists to make decisions using just surface appearances, limited X-ray images, and molds, which can be time-consuming – and in the end, may not give a full picture of what is going on or how to tackle restorative care. Once an impression is taken using a digital scan, it can be sent to a lab while bridges, crowns, Invisalign, nightgaurds, snoregaurds, dentures, and other tools can be formed faster and more accurately.

How Are Digital Impressions Made?

Digital impressions can consist of a video or a series of photographs, both of which can capture more precise measurements. The small images are pieced together using specific software to create a digital map of your teeth and mouth. The images are often immediate and can be viewed by the patient while in the dentist’s chair.

How Are Digital Impressions Taken?

The dentist will first isolate your teeth or the specific tooth that needs restorative care. The scan then takes anywhere from thirty seconds to two minutes, depending on how much of your mouth needs to be scanned. The digital scan is then sent to a laboratory, where it is used to make the restorative product necessary.

What Can Digital Scans Do?

Digital scans not only help with restorative care; they can also help with orthodontic treatment. By getting a full impression of your teeth, dentists can more accurately devise a treatment plan to ensure success. When used for things like bridges and crowns, your dentist can increase the efficiency of restorative care, which means less time in the dentist’s chair for you.

Technology is changing the way that dentists diagnose and treat many restorative and orthodontic problems for their patients. By investing in new technology, digital scanners can reduce the time that their patients sit in the dentist’s chair, they can more accurately and efficiently move the process along. At Tatum Dentistry, we invest in new technology like the Itero scanner to get better results for our patients. The iTero scanner is used for imaging, as well as orthodontic procedures, and offers many benefits for more effective, comfortable, and improved diagnostic capabilities and outcomes that include: accurate 5D imaging, no more goopy impressions, visual outcomes for patients, increased efficacy of procedures, and it can also pinpoint cavities. This also helps to cut down on procedure time and reduces the need for multiple appointments. Contact us today to discuss your dental issue, and we’ll get you on the way to a healthier and happier you!