iTero Element 5D Making Our Patients’ Lives Easier One Scan at a Time

Orthodontic Treatment

Tatum Dentistry is happy to announce that we are now using the iTero Element 5D scanner. Because we are committed to providing the very best in the dental and orthodontic industry, we have upgraded to the latest scanning technology possible. It is not only a more comfortable way to perform many functions that were once cumbersome, it also provides us with a wealth of information that helps to enhance your dental well-being. The iTero scanner is used for imaging, as well as orthodontic procedures, and offers many benefits for more effective, comfortable, and improved diagnostic capabilities and outcomes.

Accurate 5D Imaging

The iTero scanner provides us with a powerful tool for diagnostic purposes. It is also extremely flexible and can be used for things like Invisalign, implants, crowns, bridges, and general orthodontics. It has the capacity to take thousands of images with ease, accuracy, and comfort. Using a “dental wand,” that goes into the patient’s mouth, in just minutes, it can recreate a comprehensive 5D mapping of your mouth from all angles.

No More Molds!

One of the least favorite experiences for many of our clients are molds. Used in the past for many different dental procedures, in the past, it was the only way to capture an image of the mouth with all the structures outlined. The putty used to make molds is not easy to work with or pleasant. And it doesn’t always make a perfect impression, which can limit our ability to do the best for our patients. The iTero scanner only needs to be in your mouth for a second; it won’t gag you, or leave a horrible taste in your mouth, both figuratively and literally.

Outcomes That are Visual for Our Patients

By using the scanner, we can not only recreate how your teeth currently look, we can also show you how they will look after treatment. Our images will demonstrate how the treatment will progress over time. That way, you can see the before and after even before the after.

Adjustments and Updates

Orthodontics is an exact science, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to predict how quickly teeth will move, or the subtle shifts that need to be adjusted for. By using the scanner, we can better update and adjust your care to minimize the time needed for orthodontic treatment. The iTero scanner uses previous scans to compare to current ones, and it can outline the correct paths for correction and movement. Therefore, it provides us with the information necessary to make accurate, fast, and necessary adjustments so you gain the best care possible.

Increased Efficacy of Dental Procedures for Our Patients

The computing and data produced by the Itero scanner help us to make more accurate and timely adjustments to your treatment, while in progress. That helps with better expectations estimating, better exact fitting for comfort, and sometimes, it can even help to reduce costs for our corrective treatments.

Pinpoint Cavities or Issues That Would be Missed

The iTero scanner also helps to examine the integrity of your teeth to spot signs of dental decay or cavity activity much earlier than we could have before. That allows us to address dental issues that are minor before they become worse and more expensive. The scanner provides us the data we need to be proactive about your dental health.

We are really happy to provide our customers with the latest technology to increase both your satisfaction and our ability to diagnose and treat all of your dental and orthodontic needs. At Tatum Dentistry, we believe in investing in our clients to provide the very best in orthodontic and dental treatment possible. Schedule your appointment for an exam today!