Masks Are Off – Are You Ready?

Professional Teeth Whitening

Not only is spring in full bloom, but soon summer will be upon us. What color is it for summer? Bright white, of course. As we shelve our masks for hopefully the last time, many of us are feeling a little extra exposed as we head into bikini weather. Not only are we going to be rejoining life with a lot less to cover us up; we will also be sporting smiles. If you are feeling a little self-conscious about the status of your grin, now is an excellent time for teeth whitening! At Dr. Tatum, your best smile is just an appointment away!

Professional Teeth Whitening

If there is one cosmetic procedure that makes a big difference and is both non-invasive and very inexpensive, it is professional teeth whitening. You can pay a fortune to buy over-the-counter products that may or may not work, that are definitely inconvenient and goopy, or you can use our professional teeth whitening options that are guaranteed to brighten your teeth. We offer the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, custom whitening trays, and Opalescence Go teeth whitening options, depending on what your preferences are.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

Our Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is the top choice for most of our patients due to its convenience and speed of use. The system combines an advanced blue LED light-accelerated technology with 25% Hydrogen Peroxide gel. It is guaranteed to brighten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter in a one-hour appointment. Walk into the office with a lackluster smile and leave with one that lights up the room.

Custom Whitening Trays

If you are looking for a take-it-to-go system, our custom whitening trays are the clear choice. First, we make the trays to perfectly fit your teeth and then we provide the gel that will whiten your teeth in a way you only dreamed of. It only takes 15 minutes a day, or you can wear them overnight. Your teeth will appear white in just a few applications.

Maintenance is the Key

If you are looking for a sustainable white that you don’t have to think about from day to day, then try Opalescence Go. It is a professional-strength over-the-counter option that is similar to whitening strips. It is also a great system to use when you’ve whitened your teeth using other methods. You don’t have to go through the impression process or wear custom-fit trays. You can go through one of the other whitening processes and follow it up with the Opalescence Go for the long term.

As bikini weather arrives and masks are a thing of the past, are you prepared? Bright white is the “in” color this summer, so now is the time to get on the bandwagon. Contact Dr. Tatum Smiles today to schedule an appointment to make your smile bright white!