What to Really Pay Attention to When Reading Charleston Dentist Reviews

Charleston Dentist Reviews

The internet has made it considerably easy to find out how your community feels about any product, service, or brand. A five-star rating speaks for itself, but there are other things that should stand out when sifting through reviews. Check out these reviews, from actual patients and the pizazz that makes them stand out.

Appointments and Schedules

There are times when doctors and dentists truly can’t help being late, like when there is an emergency, but if a dentist’s office is consistently late, that says a lot about their concern for your time. When patients complement our promptness, it solidifies our value of time.  

“My appt was right on time. My regular hygienist, Alexa, carefully explained everything she was going to do (before she did it). I felt she did a thorough cleaning job as well as checking the general health of my mouth. I really dislike having dental procedures, but can't imagine a better experience. Tatum Dentistry has always provided the best care in the 8+ years I've been a patient.”


Sure, a dentist’s team isn’t really there to win a popularity contest, but being friendly and courteous is something that makes you want to go to the office. Not everyone loves dental checkups, and if you are greeted with a team that doesn’t seem to want to be there either, that makes the experience less than great. Usually, if you find an office where people appear to be happy with their careers, it makes it a much better overall appointment!

“I always have a wonderful experience at Tatum Dentistry. I have been a patient for years. The atmosphere is upbeat and positive, Rhinda does a great job as my hygienist and both Dr Tatum and Dr Granger do superb work and are very personable. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Key things to take away from reviews like this are; this patient comes back. Furthermore, they’ve developed relationships with the team. You are more than a patient; you are our friends and our family. When an existing patient takes the time to tell you about their experience, it’s notable and definitely worth listening to.


No matter how hard you try, there are always going to be people who aren’t pleased with the service. If someone has a bad experience, you want an office that cares enough to follow up and make sure that the issue was corrected and that the reviewer was at least responded to. If you see a poor rating, give the benefit of the doubt to the team that reaches out to apologize, explain, or make a customer feel validated and valued. 

Caring and Concern

Look for ratings and reviews that talk about the team’s level of care. Whether you have fears and anxiety that were made better by a dentist spending time to ease your mind or coming up with a treatment plan that seeks to minimize discomfort. That is a dental team that you want treating you and your family. All dentists have to pass the same educational standards, but those standards don’t test empathy – that is an additional gift.

“When most people think of going to the dentist, it’s definitely not something that they would consider fun. For me, I really enjoyed going in for my appointments. Dr. Granger and Taylor were absolutely awesome and very pleasant to be around. Also, the front desk staff was super helpful and very kind.”

 “Best Dental Practice in the Lowcountry! Family friendly atmosphere and staff. Dr Vickie Tatum is a brilliant and compassionate Doctor that really cares about her patients and their quality of life. Everything you need and much more at this Dental Practice.”

Reviews and ratings are a great way to measure how well a dentist and their team will treat you and your concerns. They set your standards; five stars are a terrific start, but digging a little deeper will expose all of the treasure. 

At Tatum Dentistry, we go to great lengths to put our customers first. We want to ensure that we address the whole person, not just their teeth. Ready to become a Tatum Dentistry Patient? Contact us to schedule your appointment today! Already an existing patient? We encourage you to tell your friends and family what keeps you coming back