Why Straightening Your Teeth Using Invisalign Could Save Them

Invisalign in Charleston SC

It is hard to believe that Invisalign has been around for more than 20 years. The impact that it has made on orthodontic treatment has been immeasurable. When most people consider orthodontic care, they think about aesthetics and having a beautiful smile, but straight teeth are important for many other reasons. If you are considering investing in Invisalign in Charleston, you should know that it just might be the thing to save your teeth.

Straight Teeth Reduce Bacteria

Studies show that straight teeth can improve your overall oral health. When you have straight teeth, the gums have fewer gaps where bacteria and food particles can get stuck. It also makes it a lot easier to clean your teeth and get in between them and to the gum line, which reduces the risk of disease or inflammation that can lead to gingivitis.

Straight Teeth Produce Less Wear and Tear

When you have crooked teeth or a maligned bite, it can lead to excessive wear and tear when your teeth bite down and chew. Over time, the degradation of your teeth will increase your risk of periodontal disease and leave your teeth vulnerable to cracks and chips. A straighter smile means better alignment and more efficient chewing, which is good for overall oral health.

Less Plaque Buildup

The build-up of plaque and tartar leads to periodontal disease. When you have straight teeth, not only is it easier to brush along the gum line; it is also easier to use dental floss between teeth to reduce the risk of plaque. This means that straight teeth allow you to take all the right steps to improve your oral health for a healthier smile for life.

Invisalign Makes Cleaning Easier

Not only does having straight teeth make it less likely that you will succumb to oral disease; if you choose Invisalign over traditional braces, it’s easier to brush your teeth during treatment. Brushing regularly reduces the risk of staining and it also makes it less likely that you will have inflamed gums, which can lead to periodontal disease. So not only is choosing Invisalign great because you can’t see it; it also helps to promote better oral health habits.

You Can Straighten Them at Any Age to Gain Benefits

It used to be that braces were predominantly for adolescents. Not many adults were willing to walk around with a mouth full of metal. Thanks to Invisalign, more adults are getting the straight teeth they have always dreamed of, well into adulthood and beyond. The good news is that straightening your teeth at any age allows you to gain the benefits afforded by straight teeth, so now is the perfect time to improve your teeth for the future.

Many people consider braces or Invisalign for a prettier smile, but they are also a must for good oral health. If you are going to invest in teeth straightening, Invisalign is the way to go for many reasons. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tatum today to discuss how we can get your Invisalign in Charleston underway!