Make 2023 the Year You Resolve to Get Back on Track

The past years have come with more uncertainty than most of us were prepared for and we had to adjust our lives and perspectives many times over. With the shutdowns finally behind us, many are still trying to find our new normal. Many necessarily had to forgo regular dental checkups during the pandemic. As we enter a new year, now is the time to commit to getting your regular scheduled exams back on track. These are just some of the reasons to schedule your appointment with the best dentists in Charleston’s office today. 

Prevention is the Key

Prevention is always the best medicine, even in oral care. During regular exams, your dentists are not only cleaning your teeth; they are looking for signs of disease or concerns. Like most health concerns, prevention is the key; catching a disease early also greatly improves your prognosis and outcome. Often, dentists can help to catch a cavity before it becomes serious. In addition, catching gum disease in its early stages makes the disease much more manageable. It is always best to head off a health concern than to try to get on top of it once it has begun.

Save Your Teeth

Sometimes we think that since we take good care of our teeth, we can assume they will take good care of us. Unfortunately, things can happen – like shifting of your teeth – which can result in tooth damage, and in some instances, tooth loss. If your dentist spots signs that something might be a concern down the road, they can take steps to mitigate it and perhaps save your tooth or teeth from decay and loss.

Educational Resource

Although most of us believe that we know everything we need to about caring for our teeth and smile, that might not always be the case! A dental exam can help to pinpoint any areas of concern or things that we may have missed. Our team is abreast of all the latest research and can be an educational resource to ensure you are doing everything possible to maintain your strong and beautiful smile.

Other Health-Related Issues

Your oral health is often a reflection of your overall health. If you have other predisposing conditions, they can quickly tie into one big problem. Diabetes can indicate a lot of oral health concerns that need to be addressed. Also, if you are suffering from teeth clenching or grinding, it might be inhibiting your sleep. Since sleep is so critical to our overall well-being, addressing those types of problems will help you be a healthier person overall.

Treating Bad Breath

No one wants to have an offensive odor coming from their mouths. If you suffer from halitosis, it is important to ensure that there isn’t anything underlying that is causing your bad breath. There are other medical concerns involved in bad breath that should be ruled out.

Save You Pain and Money

If you don’t address an oral issue or prevent one, then it can be both costly and painful. The best way to maintain your beautiful smile and save money on expensive oral treatments is to keep your oral health in check all year long. Sometimes it isn’t habits that lead to poor oral conditions, so even if you are doing all that you can, you still need to practice prevention by having regular oral exams.
As we enter another year, now is an excellent time to get back on track with your regular oral exams. Our best dentists in Charleston recommend that you have an oral cleaning and exam at least every six months to look for signs of trouble and keep your smile as white and bright as you can. At Tatum Dentistry, we do all that we can to make appointments available around your schedule; with Saturday and emergency visits available, we are here when you need us most. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for a regular checkup!